Quality Policy Statement

Courdeau Catering Nig Ltd is fully committed to its mission of being the best in class in the catering and hospitality industrial by continuosly adding value to our customers and providing the best possible catering, housekeeping, laundry and facility management services.
To achieve this;


  • Courdeau Catering Nig. Ltd is fully committed to a policy of Quality Assurance throughout all the company activities.
  • The top management will ensure that the professional service quality satisfies the specific requirements of all the clients.
  • The top management will ensure that its quality policy is communicated and understood.
  • The company is committed to the maintenance and continual improvement of the quality management system meeting international standard; statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • The company shall operate in a very safe and hygienic environment where all the staff, sub-contractors and stakeholders are actively involved and appraised in achieving and sustaining quality assurance and control.
  • By implementation of achievable and measurable objectives and program throughout the system

Food Safety Policy

It is the policy of Courdeau Catering NIg LTD to operate in a very safe and hygenic environment to deliver at all times wholesome food of the best quality for human consumption.
In order to achieve this stand, the management will be guided by the use of its standard operating procedures, hazard analysis critical control food-based quality manual, policies and procedures.
Thus, Management shall;

  • Ensure competent personnel are engaged and assigned responsibilities directly or indirectly affecting conformity to service (product) quality. All personnel must undergo strict pre-employment food handler medical test and routine bi-annual food handler medical examination. Personnel will be trained and retrained to maintain food safety culture.
  • Evaluate and select reliable suppliers that meet the company selection criteria.
  • Ensure all items are delivered according to the purchase order meeting the prerequisite food quality guide and specifications. All items must be confirmed and accepted by the Quality Assurance/Control Officer or his appointed representative.
  • Ensure that the principles and guidelines for storage are strictly adhered to.
  • During delivery to point of final use, all items must be confirmed to be in good order. The various processes engaged must be validated and revalidated before first use of items.
  • All food must be prepared, served and maintained using appropriate guidelines, procedures and practices to ensure food safety.