We Provide Premium Catering Service


We provide catering services for offshore facilities such as Rigs, FPSO’s, Vessels & Barges.


We provide inland catering services for oil and gas facilities, from sites to offices.

Courdeau Catering Limited specializes in industrial catering services for both
offshore and onshore locations for multi-nationals and servicing companies
operating in the Oil/Gas and energy sector of the Nigerian economy.
We provide catering services to a range of clients across Nigeria, from
industrial sites, self-propelled accommodation jack-up barges, drilling rigs,
FPSO’s, to remote site locations.

It is our mission to ensure that we provide a nutritious and balanced menu
with fresh sourced ingredients produced in a hygienic and safe manner to
every customer we serve. We provide both labour and food provisions as
part of our catering services to both onshore and offshore clients across all
major oil & gas regions.